Back to a noisy house again

December 20, 2014

Rita is a natural when it comes to barking. She barks all the time. Some dogs are just born that way….they’re just noisy. Before Rita disappeared. There were times when I was irritated by her constant barking. But when she went missing for three long weeks the house was so erieely quiet without her that I even found myself missing the noise.

Now that Rita is back. Everything is exactly the way it was.

I couldn’t be happier.


‘For me the big things that occur in my life are never physical or material. Usually it’s just a perceptive shift….a new way of seeing things — that to me has always been a bit strange. Think about it….absolutely nothing changes….everything is the way it has always been…except now, you see things differently – from another perspective….or with a new insight that allows you to compare and contrast and you’re less troubled, anxious and wiser as a result: that to me has to be one of those ‘wow’ moments that completely takes me away. Just look at it again. Nothing has really changed. Everything is the way it has always been. But because you have experienced a rare moment of epiphany…..your mind is able to render that mundane, uninteresting and even forgettable thing into something so significant and memorable. You have managed to transform that thing or experience with the power of your mind. You see things more clearly. You understand and most importantly you know that this insightful will make your a wiser and better person. Then suddenly it hits you out from the blue….that this is what it means when people speak as they do about something they are passionately in love about. Moments like this….when nothing changes, yet everything is never what it used to be any longer….suddenly you’re over the otherside watching it all. The road that you have travelled….that’s life.’

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