Merry Christmas 2014

December 28, 2014

Many of us will not be able to return home again for Christmas. Especially those who run mining and plantation enterprises in Africa and the South American front.

Darkness 2014


‘I think we all have to be truly simple men at heart. That is why we share a common ethos and a certain way of seeing the world. We go out to the world with so very little except for tiny morsels of our daring and a tube of Mentos in our pocket……but then again we are not feeble or fearful. As our hopes and aspirations for a better tomorrow is larger than a mountain. For a certain category of men that is all they need to go right on day after day without ever grumbling. That I reckon is why we will win!

As men like us who have only known hard work, untold hardships and so many disappointments do all this only for one goal – to lay the road for others who will come after us. There will be many. There is so much to do. So little time. As for the politicians and their policies…they are all irrelevant and utterly useless to us. We don’t even talk about them these days.

This role of laying a solid foundation for more to follow in our footsteps is one that we have dedicated our lives too. It is a road with little solace, comfort, recognition or even the promise of a happy ending….but all these trials will make the end of the journey sweeter. This I tell you. This you must all believe. As at the very end when you all old and shriveled, the young will sing songs about you and no man who ever stayed back can ever claim to lead your life. He can never!’

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