Seeing things as they are

December 31, 2014

City folk don’t ever see the world like farmers. I guess there’s something profoundly climatic about making a living from the tilling the land that instills a perculiar discipline on one to see the world differently from all other men.

To farm well, one has to develop the habit of looking closely at things. I am not just referring to superficial differences and nuances. But really small and mundane details that most people never ever notice like the patina of moss on a stone or a gravel path. The way the clouds fold over each other like cauliflower along with a thousand other details.

When one learns to see the world in this manner. Then suddenly everything is rendered cut glass clear. Until then, one is simply a man who sees the world in broad strokes and bold splashes of generalization.

Thereafter everything acquires a precision. A uncanny clarity…..where it could be said, nothing is ever what it seems.


‘Today a young village girl who has a penchant for wandering my lands and singing chinese folk songs – who incidentally my doberman guard dogs are very fond of. As she feeds them char siew pau, asked me what is the furtherest point that separates two people in this whole universe. The girl asked….is it – the distance that’s separated by the two furtherest stars is the whole universe?

I searched my heart long and hard concerning this question. Then I told this girl….no, it is when I stand before the person I love most and that person doesn’t even see me….that I believe is the furtherest distance that separates two people.

I felt very sad after that. So very sad.’

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