Ello Ello

January 7, 2015

Never sweat the small stuff. Truth is some people are just seriously unhappy, maladjusted and frustrated with life…..and if you allow them to press all your buttons without ever having the wisdom to press the CTRL. ALT, DELETE buttons to disregard completely what they have to say.

Then you will just end up like them….seriously unhappy, maladjusted and frustrated with life.

‘With some people and their nonsense…..I just adopt the attitude….I have no time for you. Like the Singaporedaily, Strait Times, Five stars and the moo. Et al. No time means precisely what it means….no time. That’s to say I never allow them even one millimeter of space in my mind. That’s because if you allow them space. Then they will establish a beachhead in your head and eventually color your day. But if you just treat them like lint that falls on your coat. They will remain as it is….nothing. And if you think about that is all the bandwidth they deserve….nothing!’

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