Stepping into a time machine and going back to roaring twenties

January 7, 2015

My life is not all work, work and work. At times I need to strategically socialize. By this I mean, I need to network and influence the planters to do my bidding.

I am visiting an old estate. It’s one of the last colonial vestiges located smack in the middle of nowhere. Here time has always stood still. Men still duel and talk at lengths about honor. Women wear wide brimmed hats and can at times be counted to faint. White linen is still very much in vogue along with black tie prim and proper dinners, candles, leaving out the shoes to be polished by the servants etc etc etc very colonial British.

The planters world has hardly changed at all. It’s as if the 21st century was merely a punctuation…a burb…a rude repartee that everyone just laughed off while life went on as usual. That sums up the attitude of the planter…they are perhaps the only community in the world who still believe in the idea. They can stop time.

I am here to persuade a few planters to enter into a land deal with me.

I would need to be in my best behavior. Hence my Tony Leung slicked back hair debonair polo player mode.

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