Dancing dogs

January 15, 2015

Dogs have a way of finding those who are lonely. Only they know the art of filling the emptiness in one’s heart.


‘As I dive deeper and deeper into the cesspit of the business world. I find myself at times grasping for humanity like a drowning man for air. Here in this God forsaken place where I regularly encounter crooks masquerading as good men….everyone is out to undercut or kill me….Though I accept the rules of how the game might be played. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it accords well with me – they all fear me. I wonder why do they fear me so much? Why? I can see it in their eyes. Smell it. Sense the mood of unsettling as they shift uneasily whenever I am in the room. It’s as if they can all register my yearning. Yes desire for more…more.

Man has always been referred too as a thinking animal. Such at least is the claim. I reckon it’s a boast that’s still open to considerable dispute. Indeed, my personal observations of humanity has convinced me that he is at best a unreasoning animal… In truth, man is incurably foolish, vain and prone to self destruction. Simple things which animals seem to take too so very naturally, man seems incapable of learning. Dogs for example live in only the moment – they don’t live like humans in the shadow of the distant past or the unfathomable future. One can almost sense their immediacy for the moment in their liveliness and how they give themselves so completely to now. It’s as if they have the uncanny ability to intuit, quite correctly – life is too short and precious to waste wallowing about what happened or would happen. Even ants seem to be able to do this….but not man.

Holding on to the idea of faith in humanity can indeed be tenuous when one has this insight into a failing common to all men.

Dogs I believe can well be our teachers….if only we can still our cluttered minds and have the patience to hear they have to tell us. I am reminded even cold blooded monsters such as Stalin and Hitler both has deep spirited relationships with dogs. I wonder was it perhaps their way of preserving whatever little of their ravaged humanity. It’s hard to say. What I do know for certain is mankind would be poorer without the company of our four legged friends. They serve a necessary purpose – to teach us how to manage ourselves and others in a world that only seems to know how to take, take and take. Since dogs don’t know evil, jealousy or any of the cunning intrigues of the thinking man. To simply sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon when the sun sinks slowly into the hills must be a sort of return to Eden…to an age of innocence…when colors were bold and bright….to an age when a man can still believe the world is a very beautiful place.

If only all things in the business world can be as simple as how dogs regularly see the world….if only.’

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