I change this time of the year

January 20, 2015

Just around this time of the year when the winds shift….so do I. I’ve never told anyone about this. That’s not true. I told a teacher once during the moment of my youth. But after listening to me I allowed her to convince me it was all imagined.

I go thru changes. By this I mean my body and mind goes through a series of small imperceptible changes. You could say it’s always been this way with me.

Only since I’ve gone thru it so many times. I am just more acutely aware of it than ever before. Perhaps my newfound awareness has something to do with the fact these days I spend most of my time alone in a natural environment instead of a crowded city.

Let me share with you these changes. The first thing that happens is razors tend to lose their edge faster usual. This is followed by a gradual perceptive shift in form, symmetry, color and texture –shapes and colors acquire an uncanny precision. Reds aren’t just splashes of clumsy reds as they are very exacting patheons of ochre and maroon patinas as for blue they are filled with nuances of hues of lapis, aquamarine and paraffin blue. And when it comes to smell – civet, ambergris, musk, and castoreum seem to be the only scents that predominate all other scents. Another thing, it’s not unusual for me this time of the year to caress things for longer than usual. During my youth, when I wasn’t yet fully aware of my seasonal tendency to morph, I usually crunched ice like candy while rolling and sauntering in grass. These days I don’t do that any longer as I want to spare my neighbors high blood pressure and I genuinely want to be kind to those who really need a padded cell. I just stick to chewing gum and bursting bubble wrap in my car.

I change this time of the year.

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