What happened to all the grand old trees that were cut down in Singapore?

January 21, 2015

trees of my dreams
Tell me. Do you happen to remember a grand 150 year old Hopea Sanggal tree that was cut down by a greedy developer in Changi thirteen years ago? What about the 200 year old Chingay that used to be stand tall and proud in Tampines before it too had to make way for yet another mall? No….I don’t expect you remember. That’s how it is. It’s not an indictment on humanity, if anything it’s a sign of how we have all been streamed to value things. These days in the age of kitsch and make belief – the things that really matter no longer count for squat. That just the way I see it.

Btw ever wondered where those trees ended up?

As for the nasty contractor who tried to shoo me off when I was collecting the seeds from the cut down tree. I told him his day of reckoning would come very soon. Not long after that on one rainy day when he was driving along the PIE, a branch the size of transformer forearm came right down on him and he ended up in hospital.

He should have heeded my warning….it’s not as if I didn’t tell him. I have friends in high places.


Many years ago somewhere along a busy street near a school

Tree: You again! The boy who likes to stare at me.

Boy: If I told the rest. You are a talking tree. The headmaster will tell the gardener to cut you down.

Tree: No they wouldn’t silly boy. Trees don’t talk to humans. Except maybe to peculiar boys like you – and if you should be silly enough to tell them. A white van with men wearing white costs will take you away. No it is best that we keep this our little secret boy. Now run along before someone sees you talking to me.

Boy: I will go now, but I will be back again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and forever.

Tree: No child. They will cut me down one day.

Boy: No, they wouldn’t I will protect you!

Tree: with what boy?

Boy: With my love tree….my love

(Present day in the lower section of my lands overlooking the river)

Toddler Hopea Sanggal tree: Who am I farmer? Are you my father? Where did I come from?

Farmer: One day all will be revealed….meanwhile you should not talk to me when my farmhands are around. People will cut you down. As for me the villagers will think I am queer and send me away. Do you want me to be sent away?

Toddler Hopea Sanggal tree: I can’t help it.

Farmer: Yes…your mother was like that too child.

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