Dealing with people who like to control

January 28, 2015

People who are insecure NEED to control. Once they believe they can no longer control a thing, person or course of events. They will feel anxious and fearful. This is why these people often have an over whelming desire to control the relationships around them. To know what is happening. Often these people are not even aware, they are intruding into the privacy of others and dabbling into affairs that should not involve them.

This is very natural of insecure people….as I said, they need to be in control. Once they lose the perception they are in control. Insecure people can be suddenly overwhelmed by confusion and anxiety. This leads to irrational fear. And this in turn opens the door to suffering.

Because of this, when dealing with insecure people, it’s best for one to give them the illusion that they know you….that you are even an open book…that you are benign and never a threat to them.

Acknowledging the reasons why insecure people think and do the things they do allows us to see them as victims of their own circumstances. When one knows the Tao of insecure people. Then one will never be angry or frustrated with them and it becomes much easier to empathise with their mental conditions.


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