First Impressions

January 28, 2015


She is built to be slightly unstable and finicky. That is the nature of all hand built high performance mountain bikes – they are all like bad tempered primadonnas. One mistake and she will have no hesitation in throwing me cleanly off the saddle….very little margin for sloppiness…fortunately, the curse also comes with the blessing – she is diabolically fast on the straights, climbs tight as a drum and so very sure on the hairpins – yes….she is slowly beginning to grow on me.

I will have to be very gentle and cautious in my moves…slowly….so very slowly. We will come together marvelously like my previous bike….you will all see.

Meanwhile there is a tinge of sadness putting my old bike out to pasture. There are some things that i will always miss about her (if you look closely there is a red and yellow ribbon on my retired frame. These are race ribbons, very much like kill flags on a fighter plane….yes, we have been thru a lot…so many trails) – it is so strange how ordinary everyday things we use regularly have this uncanny ability acquire a soulfulness about them. It makes me wonder sometimes whether our spirit has some how managed to permeate deep into these things and suddenly infused them with a life.

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