I don’t think Tan Kian Lian is a racist

February 3, 2015

I am sure by now most of you who regularly read my blog have notice Potemkin village sites such as the Singaporedaily and five stars and the moon are hell bent on branding Tan Kian lian as a racist……that to me is hardly surprising especially when one considers how desperate will only resort to desperate means to achieve their goals…but what really surprises is how these super duper brainy ESP people who claim he is a racist go about drawing this conclusion.

Let’s take it step by step. Now If I tweeted ‘I am now in the planet of the apes’ just because I stepped into a bus filled with Africans. You would probably consider that a racist statement. Coming to think of it – so would I.

As in this case, I am equating Africans with primates. A lower life form.

But if I step into the same bus and say that I feel as if I am in Nigeria – how can that possibly be racist? As what is stated is observably accurate to paraphrase it’s a personal statement based on how I draw associations between my surroundings and my understanding of the known world – and to prove this point beyond a shadow of a doubt – if a Singaporean tourist stepped into a public bus during rush hour in either Lagos or Kampala in Africa – it would certainly be filled to the brim with Africans.

So if what TKL said is a racist statement.

Then how is it possible sobriquet terms of description such as little India and Chinatown are considered perfectly acceptable descriptions? Should these terms be banned? Do you mean to tell me, the URA is racist?

Perhaps the puppetmasters who are in charge of the internet brigade would do well to consider this little point that I have raised.

After all surely the last thing they want any of us netizens to feel when we all log into the glorious Singapore blogoland is to feel as if we are all suddenly in North Korea.

Now I wonder….was that a racist statement by any chance?

Aha…..That I shall leave to you my dear perceptive reader.


‘Life is never so simple where a group of delusional people who are all out to engineer consent just lays railway tracks and I chug along happily to the next station like a chu chu train…..I am an individual….and I have every right to use my brain.’

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