Dress IQ

February 7, 2015

I have a lot of powerful enemies. They don’t want me to come up in this world. No they don’t. So they make life difficult for me in a multitude of ways. Think of me as a man whose constantly running thru a obstacle course…..that’s me. You name it, they have done it. Money is no object. Everything ranging from character assassination to trying to saw the floor boards underneath my feet.

There is so much negative propaganda tagged to me – some people in the cloistered plantation high society actually expect me to turn up driving a tractor wearing a gunny sack suit complete with a straw hat to a gala event.

That is where the wonder weapon of putting the best foot forward becomes the awesome power of shock and awe.

Instead I make a dazzling entrance in a metallic ash Maserati. Hair slicked back. Sporting a dark Zegna suit. Turtle neck. Sunglasses. All packaged in a lean 5% body fat Matador frame.

It takes me exactly 50 seconds to get into the cloistered power circle where I charm rich and powerful plantation ladies with my breadth of international experience.

By the time I make an exit….it’s all in the bag.

As for all my enemies….they have absolutely no idea what hit them….it’s like a sad rumble between a bunch of cavemen against a highly disciplined Roman legion. No chance in hell….they don’t even come close. That’s good because one aspect of this protracted war involves psychological warfare – and nothing is as effective as demoralizing your enemies.

People who are defeated should really cultivate the wisdom to bow out gracefully.

All in a days work lah.


‘I am sure you’ve all heard this before,

“Appearances are irrelevant, only results matter.”

The problem with that statement is it ignores the palpable fact, we can’t help but be human – fact: the vast majority of humans will ALWAYS judge you by your appearance. They can’t help it – that’s how humans are hardwired….it’s a primal instinct.

Fact: we form opinions about people within the first 15 seconds of meeting them; we then spend the next five minutes trying to confirm our first impressions. This means even BEFORE you open your mouth you’ve been sized up, profiled, measured and pigeon holed.

So the goal is to sell yourself as a very interesting once in a life time experience from the word go. That is the goal standard. Don’t settle for anything less because if you do, your stocks are likely to plummet…next thing you know, you will be mixing with drunkards slugging it out in a back alley about whether Xiaxue is a real or peroxide blonde leprechaun….you will end up using cheap meaningless words like ‘rightsizing’ ‘better calibrate’ and cheapening yourself no end and people will despise and want to have nothing to do with you.

As you never ever once dedicated yourself to making yourself a once in a lifetime experience to others….so instead of the being the Savoy hotel…you end being the YMCA….instead of selling yourself as beluga caviar, you come across as a NTUC tin of Yeo hiap Seng curry. All because you bought willingly into the wrong software clothes don’t maketh a man. Now whose fault is that?

Treating the idea of being able to put your best foot forward as a science – is a very effective tool of empowerment – you can’t change the distance between your nose and your eyes….you can’t make yourself taller….but you can certainly change your wardrobe to be the best that you can. Mastering this skill set allows you cut thru the thicket of power and politics in high society like a samurai sword – you don’t want any resistance at that level of the game, it’s got to be aerodynamic, otherwise you’re just going to be overwhelmed by a whole lot of distractions leaving your execution messy and unfocused. That’s no good.

You’re no different from a cat burglar trying to break into a high security facility….time is against you…..you’re outgunned….outmanned….the only advantage that you have is the element of surprise. So you better make the best out of it…everything that can be optimized, must be at the very best that it can possibly be. It all needs to be well thought out as as coherent like a super duper reliable Rolex submariner – a tool….conceived with function in mind….in and out (and make sure you don’t forget to zip up your pants) like a secret agent.

Carry yourself like a no nonsense businessman and people will regard you like a no nonsense businessman.’

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