Xiaxue vs SMRT

February 8, 2015

The pertinent question here is not who is right or wrong….rather cui bono? To me this is just a precursor – now ask yourself what is the goal of the internet brigade and all their proxy sites? What are they working towards? Who stands to be the beneficiary of their designs.

No da Vinci code there – the goal is to work towards online registration. To paraphrase to stamp out online anonymity by requiring posters to submit their full identification and particulars should they decide to post a comment online. Since by and large the singapore blogoland is quite self regulating THERE IS REALLY NO JUSTIFICATION to enact a slew of draconian laws to enable online registration.

This is where the internet brigade and their proxy sites come right in – they need to stir up shit….to create the illusion of demand to make possible the means of supply – in this crooked way when these North Korean laws come into effect – everyone who would have said ‘No!’ would already be mentally conditioned to regard it favorably. 101 of engineering consent.

I wrote about this about eight years….at that time no one believed me….now it’s all happening. So as you can see it’s no mystery to me…..we have always been at least 10 years ahead of the curve. Why do you think we shut down the IS?

People who are desperate will always resort to desperate measures to accomplish their goal and believe me most people who have been around in the internet can see right thru their nefarious designs like pane of glass…..like I said….no mystery there!

It is… what it is….

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