Why to be politically aware these days is plain stupid

February 16, 2015

I believe these days the iPod is the closest reflection of politics. Either that or it manages at least to convey the right allegory of how vapid politics has become these days…how evacuated it is of depth and content that it can do nothing except titilate and pander to fleeting wimps and fancies – very much in the way one flits from one song to another on a iPod. Never ever really having to cultivate the necessary patience to bear out the full song from beginning to end.

Something is lost….yes…something.

Back in the analog era of records and cassettes when tracks had to be physically reversed or forwarded – at least that constraint imposed upon the listener the necessity to be coherent…to even allow it all to run it’s course. Either that or one had to impersonate the fabled tinkerer who kept having to disrupt whatever he was doing to get up from his chair press a button…wait…and play. Say what you wish of old technology, but perhaps Einstein hit the nail on the head – when he mentioned the end of civilization as we know it would come when technology precedes humanity. I reckon with the advent of gizmos such as Ipod, we may have already reached that tipping point. Wonder no more why these days the digital technology looks more like mass hearing impairment and dyslexia with droves of automatons glued to their devices than actually talking to each other. These days in the age of endless choice. At one whirl of the wheel…a track can be summoned….politics like music has a lot it common it seems – for one the process, or lack of a better word has very little to do with coherence or for that matter even the rigor of intellectualism or even about social justice…true to ethos of plug and play music…like politics these days. The narrative is no longer about a coherent set of national ideals, we’re not about collective wisdom. More about….what WE want to listen to and ignoring everything else… We’re about giving ourselves a mindless feel-good treat every two minutes laced with the attention span of a house fly – We’re no longer about substance, wholeness or something substantive – it’s all about appealing to the stimuli of a twelve year-old.

Back to sand box politics….I can’t think better way to waste one’s time. Much rather read a book all by myself.

Why would anyone waste time on politics or politicians these days is literally beyond me…these days.

‘If you ask me what is politics all about – I would probably say firstly: it’s got to have absolutely nothing to do with politics and is simply the art of possibilities viz-a-viz making tomorrow a better and more hopeful place for stakeholders – it’s really as simple as that. I could perhaps write two pages about it – but when you strip the whole ideal of politics down to its credo and look at the bare chassis for what it really should be instead of is…these days and summarize all the parts that make up this SHOULD be machinery that’s really what it comes down too. Nothing more or less….but I admit you may perhaps need to cultivate a agricultural way of seeing the world. To put it another way, to simply call a spade…..a spade and nothing else.’

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