Sink that U boat!

February 17, 2015

Many of the landowners are wary of my recent land purchase. They don’t understand how I have managed to slip thru the iron curtain of the land embargo that their cartel has created against me. I am after all a blacklisted man who is not supposed to own land in their district. What these landowners dunno is the art of transforming plastic flowers into a wonder weapon of influence (of course lah one doesn’t tell these girls plastic roses are cheap…sell the environmental aspect…tell them they’re eternal) – Since I have managed to seduce all their secretaries. They funnel me vital intelligence. This recent purchase will yield access to the eastern plantation roads – it’s strategic.

Many of the landowners must know from this point onwards. I can no longer be contained. Cannot be boxed in any longer. Their greatest fears have been realized today. I can sense their trepidation. Smell the fear even in the air.

They all call me the sub commander. It is an apt metaphor as a submarine is really a sneaky apparatus to conduct war usually against a numerically superior foe. Surely they must know that I can easily use the vantage of my recent acquisition to move eastwards – I will be use it to control both the water resources and to gobble up more land.

I popped up periscope. Made a few calculations. Fired my torpedoes. I know I’ve hit something possibly even a couple more….I just don’t know whether it’s enough to bring them all to the negotiating table to sue for peace.

Now I must slip silently away…..once they recover from this set back. They will close ranks, reboot and proceed to hunt me down like a pack of hungry sharks….I can run wild…hit and run for possibly six months to a year. Thereafter, I run the risk of fighting an expensive war of attrition. I must sue for peace….detente, at the very least.

Now I must go deeper….and deeper…to run silently away….after all I am just a glorified tub.

This is how it is when all you have is a tube of Mentos in your pocket playing a high stakes game of sudden death poker.

It doesn’t get scarier than this….no it doesn’t….trust me.

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