What happens when there is no longer any trust

February 19, 2015

Today a few elders came to me and told me in a soft tone that is pointless for us continue fighting any longer. They wanted peace. During the brief sitting – some of them intimated to me – that we have much more to gain if we all united, set aside our many differences, enmities and resentment. One of them mention – ‘no good can ever come out of this….it will only bring us grief.’

I gave them all my word of honor – that from today onwards I will try my very best not to be the world’s greatest troublemaker and with their help and encouragement I hope to rehabilitate myself to be a team player, that I will even forgive all manner of transgressions once committed against me. As now I can appreciate the broader picture and how my acts and omissions can play such a preponderant role in shaping the final course of our little community.

By the time I had finished. All of the landowners who were once my enemies seemed suitably relieved thereafter. Even those hard skeptics who prefer to believe that I am a dangerous man began to loosen up. A village elder recounted to all thereafter as we were all laughing and exchanging CNY wishes and greetings, ‘I told you all…didn’t I….he’s a reasonable fellow after all.’

I lied thru my teeth naturally. There can never be any peace…..only war. I need to lull them all into a false dawn. Tomorrow I will strike like a cobra.


‘With trust everything is possible. Without it….nothing is possible. That is why when someone puts their trust in you. Treat it as a very delicate and valuable thing. Like a fragile eggshell vase. Be very gentle, considerate and thoughtful with matters that involve trust. Honor all your promises. Never do anything to break the trust. Do this as often as you can and the field of possibilities will open up.

Abuse the trust and you will find that people will despise and want to have nothing to do with you.

It’s really as simple as that from my experience. If I had to give a leader only one sentence of wisdom…this would really be it – with trust everything is possible. Without it…..nothing is possible. Print these words out. Laminate them. Carry it in your wallet. Never leave home without it.’

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