Too close for comfort

February 20, 2015

People who are bad tempered must simply learn to live, work and play all by themselves. Granted there might be other ways. But this I believe to be one of the most reliable ways. Because if something doesn’t go their way – they will never have the opportunity to lash out on others and can only blame themselves.


‘When one is consumed by the flames of anger. It’s best to do, say and think nothing. Under the influence of this destructive mind altering state of mind. One would do well to seek refuge immediately in the sanctuary of nothingness. In this place one should commune only with nothingness….At first you will discover much to your surprise how impossibly difficult it is to empty your mind. But with perseverance this becomes easier – right or wrong does not exist….do not brood over what was said and done. As this will only fuel your anger leading you to destructive thoughts…..reduce everything to the purest state of nothingness – like how a man would sit on a park bench all by himself and takes on the healing sights and sounds. To just stay there as long as is required…a hour…day….month….year…years. It’s doesn’t really matter. Because to be consumed by anger is to be in a form of hell. It is the most painful form of suffering.’

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