How to work towards enjoying your work and life

February 21, 2015

The work aspect that makes up your life is very likely to fill up more than 50% of your time – and the only way to be sustainably happy at work is if you can work under your own terms and not for someone else.

The only way to do this is by running your own enterprise. There is no way to negotiate around this. You are either your own boss who works under your own terms or a salaried man who has to take shit from people who regularly dump on you from above.


‘Many people who deal with me often remark that I am autistic….I am a difficult person to deal with….a weirdo….a freak. But because I run my own enterprise as a plantation owner – if you don’t like how I look, talk of respond to you, then I can very easily get a Sikh guard armed with a shotgun and a special forces Doberman to escort you out of my plantation. It’s as simple as that – I’ve done that to many people, including a politician who visited me one day and used fuzzy words that gave me a headache such as ‘right sizing.’ I told this character abruptly, this conversation is over! Get off my land!

The same goes if you think that I am a weirdo or that I have tremendous difficulty in interacting effectively with people normally – I always have the option to say, ‘this meeting or conversation is over…thank you…now please follow this man….he will see you safely out of my lands.’

And when people who don’t like me gang up and try to ostracize and torture me to feed their own insecurities and render their averagely miserable lives more successful. It never ever works either. Because I run a successful enterprise. I have the power to intimidate, bully and thumb my noses at them. As I have money and people I notice fear this aspect of me. They may not respect me, but experience informs me fear is form of respect. So it works just as well lah.

This I can do by buying up land! Or threatening to drive them out by cornering the market. So again do you all see how what the world thinks of me hardly matters at all – what I think counts….how the world does things or regards as norms is a matter of profound indifference to me. It’s optional. It’s always negotiable in my self created world….if you don’t like the way I do things. I always have the option to say, get off my land! Go. Bye Bye.

‘Get off my land!’ May sound a tad rude and a rather crude way of managing conflict intelligently. But I feel at times these people who so often judge me do so righteously, arbitrarily and parochially. They actually believe all humans are created like mass produced battery operated dildo’s. Fact is we are all born very different with varying degrees of inclination and interest and we all come into our respective seasons at our own time – besides it’s always educational and instructive for these robotically programmed folk who have roughly the same intelligence as a digital rice cooker to realize – power is relative. They may well be ‘right’, but if right = no money, no opportunity for bettering their lot, then it’s like a three pin plug in a world of two pins sockets lah. This is a very effective way of influencing judgemental people to accept you under your own terms and to even give them the incentive to behave considerately, be comfortable or pretend as best they can with the notion – they must come to terms with who you are and not how they want you to be. This is the only way to influence judgemental people! There exist no other reliable way. Jesus and Buddha also don’t work. They are no good. Monetary incentives and penalties work like a charm.

To empower you to follow thru with this attitude of managing yourself and others. You must first believe. Despite your difference with the vast majority of ‘normal’ humans. You have every right to insist on being respected and treated with the same level of dignity as any other human being. Should they foolishly forget this, then you can hurt their wallets to give them a gentle reminder.

I count myself fortunate – if I had to work under someone or an organization instead of running my own enterprise. It’s very likely that people will ostracize me by sending me to Coventry. I will probably end up getting hit on the head by a evil and abusive boss everyday and at some point I will either just come to accept this a necessary occupational liability to get by in this cruel world. Or worst still I end up having to put my faith and destiny in the good will, sagacity and kindness of others just to get by. Either that or I will have to chop my boss up like char siew and feed him to the carps in Chinese Garden which is another level of complication that I don’t want to get involved in.

In the moment of my youth I had the good fortune of registering that most people harbor a morbid and irrational fear of me. This was because I seemed to be get along better with animals than humans. Men have always feared me ever since I was conscious of the power of memory. Women on the otherhand are the direct opposite. They take to me like ducks to water and have always been kind, considerate and understanding to me. But unfortunately since it’s still a man’s and not woman’s world – if I work for others….it’s very likely that I will always end up at the bottom of the heap. I realized from a young age people like me will always be hated, feared and discriminated as I simply have a lot of trouble fitting in. It’s not that I want to be deliberately difficult, it’s just the way I am hardwired. As a consequence I saw the idea of going into business as a form of liberty – of not only gainfully earning a living to get by comfortably in this cruel world, but also as a means of living life under my own terms with dignity and without having to regularly deal with grief.

That is why I always encourage people who regularly experience difficulties in fitting in to to run their own enterprise whenever possible…in the long run it makes far more sense to devote your finite time and energy to something that gives you a decent return on investment than trying to be the person who you were never meant to be. You might as well go and plough the sea!

If you have an autistic or just a child who is just different and often worry how he or she is going to get by in this world after you turn off the lights and go on to the next world. Then take my advise very seriously…it’s good to go ….fashion a world within a world for him and her where there is always a option for your pau peih to say ‘go and die lah!’ ‘Get off my land!’ ‘This conversation is over….please remove yourself from my sight! There may exist other ways, but this is the only reliable way I know – it doesn’t have to be a big enterprise like General Motors. Not at all. One could even be a hawker serving up char kueh teow in a food court, a artist, baker or a planter selling potted cactus, but that to me is a far better proposition than trying to fashion a person who is intrinsically different to be like everyone else, just to please stupid people who have zero powers of imagination and never ever bothered to read broadly to be comfortable with people who are just different from them.

I write this with the best intentions and truthfully from my heart.

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