We are sorry…..please accept our sincere apology.

February 21, 2015

Today I received the biggest shock of my life. My enemies visited me and one by one they offered their sincerest apologies.

This was after all what I have been fighting for, for all these years and now that this thing is in the palm of my hands.

It is so meaningless.


‘I am invested so much in my war machinery. I have even planned meticulously often devoting whole evenings into crafting my diabolically evil strategies to destroy them all…..and now they offer me an apology!

I wonder have they ever asked themselves. How am I going to occupy my evenings from now onwards! There is suddenly no meaning to my life, it’s as though the wind has suddenly died leaving my sails limp and lifeless. My very raison that accounts for all my waking hours has suddenly been rendered meaningless. What do they expect me to do after this….sleep in on Sundays! Take to knitting cardigans to past time!

I really cannot imagine anything more inconsiderate than this!

Surely these people must understand I have been fighting an economic guerrilla war ever since I can remember….I don’t know any other way to live, except this one way. Granted. It may not be ideal conditions to live, but it is the only bloody life I know! I’ve grown so accustomed to my enemies Pearl Harboring me all the time – that I even have daily rituals to interdict these threats. They are so interwoven into my entire existence that one can even say this climatic environment. I can’t but help feel my life has been irrevocably diminished – where this ridiculous proposition of peace is constitutes nothing less than a forceful attempt to appropriate my character, individuality and branding as a human being. I have every reason to believe it is designed to render me benign, harmless and malleable. To turn me into a dud!

After all what bloody use is peace to me!

The worst part is I can’t tell any of these men all these things. They would probably think that I am a psychopath. The worlds biggest troublemaker cum high blood pressure inducer.

I need to engineer another impasse….another elaborate false flag operation to justify the continuation of war. Besides it’s not as if war doesn’t serve the necessary function of supplying the means to an end. As Clausewitz said, ‘war is merely a continuation of politics by other means.’

In a state of war should I decide to take an aggressive posture to prosecute on my goals, such a damming up the river on my side to deny my enemies water during the dry season. No one would think that I am anti social psychopath like Adolf Hitler. Since there exist a defacto state of war, it would be widely regarded as uneventful, normal to be expected. But if I accept peace – then I would have to content with loads of goody good folk giving me disapproving looks along with having to regularly come up with 101 excuses why I did what I did.

So as you can see peace no good!

A state of war must continue to exist for progress to be made. It really must. Otherwise there will be no meaning to my life.

This has come as such a shock to me that I am still reeling over it.’

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