What do I think about the 2015 Singaporean budget?

February 24, 2015

No comment.


Allow me speak plainly. As I don’t want to use fuzzy words likes ‘rightsizing’ ‘calibrate’ ‘normalizing’ etc to express my thoughts concerning this topic. As this sort of parlance will only pull the wool over your eyes and confuse you all no end.

It’s very simple.

Commenting about the social political scene in Singapore does not inspired much confidence. It is very difficult to comment without fear or favor about Singapore.

Especially when the people who are always commenting always seem to get sacked from their jobs, bankrupted, sent to jail etc etc. So it’s best if you want any comment go read the Strait Times or Bertha Henson et al. You go judge for yourself the quality of what’s forwarded there. Again I have no comment.

As for me, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a POV. I do. However I have every right as an individual to exercise my free will not to comment about the social and political scene in Singapore.

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