Why we need the rugged individual

March 9, 2015

Life is inherently risky. That’s given I reckon. But if there exist this notion of one big risk somewhere in life – that has to be the risk of never trying something new that you absolutely know can either make or break you.

It’s immature to say, we shouldn’t judge others. You do it, at least 100 times a day. You just don’t realize it. And those who tell you they’re enlightened from this trait, don’t know, they do it all the time.

Truth is. This is the one question that goes thru my mind when I am first introduced to someone – has this person crossed a mythical line somewhere in his head?

You just know deep in your bones some people haven’t while others have – it’s a vampire thing. You just know….and to me that makes all the difference in the world.


‘Speak to a man who has put all his life saving on one number and spun the roulette to win and I can almost guarantee you, by the end of the conversation – you will see the world slightly differently.

If I harbor disdain. It is only for particular category of man. He is the lifer. You know the chap whose never ever stepped out into the razor’s edge of the discomfort zone. The man who can stay in the same job in the same company for twenty or thirty over years. The one who keeps harping on that he stayed back because he’s serving some great cause that no one can ever be convinced of. We all know about lifer’s and what they stand for.

To me that’s just a form of dying…a great nothing that everyone makes out to be something – may well be what most people call La Dolce Vita. But strip it right down to the chassis and it’s a delectable way to die…..a glorified way of dissipating ever so slowly into nothingness like a drop of red dye in a glass of water. No! That to me will always be very faraway from the ideal of how to live a purpose driven life.

If there is such a thing as a gold standard of how to live for a man – it has to be the idea of taking full responsibility for one’s life. To live in such a way where a man earns a honest wage under his own terms by offering the world something that people are prepared to vote for with their wallets. To ascribe no quarter of blame to anyone for his success or failure. For he knows only too well, it’s all comes down to only him.

As for that ridiculous idea governments are somehow the purveyors of the good life….well they’re really like that man who parted the Red Sea and rabbit’s foot – they’re all highly optional. Stuff that the rugged individual sneers at and prefers to leave home without….as where he goes, he needs things that he depend on….not dead weight that will just slow him down.

I don’t doubt some people these days may well find the idea of the quiessential rugged frontier man slightly out of place. I can understand why this attitude should gain currency, especially when one considers how so much of what it means to be a real man these days has been gutted out and replaced by the never ending soufflĂ© of trivia that’s so often churned out by both the marketing manifesto and mind dumbing officialdom – brainwashing whole generations of men that they should wear sweet smelling perfume, highlight their hair and spend their hard earned money on stuff that they don’t ever need and just lands them in perpetual debt and slavery….if anything I can’t think of a more compelling reason why the rugged individual must exist.

As only such a man can throw all that the world considers valuable and important into the dustbin and walk right out of the door! The lifer can never do this – as the very raison that accounts for his continued existence as a species requires the status quo.

So for me the most important key performance indicator that determines the wealth of a nation can never be GDP. That’s chimeric. As I can argue there already exist so many first world societies with third world mentalities. It’s certainly a paradox – neither do I consider the idea of glass, steel and experimental architecture as a sure sign that a country has arrived. To me a far more reliable indicator of actual and expected growth will always revolve around the question of whether people are willing to take risk to better their lot. That’s why I’ve always considered the total fertility rate as a sort of canary in the mine – as when people are hopeful then they will raise families.

As you can see for yourself….I see the world differently. I can’t help it.’

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