On respect

March 16, 2015

If you truly want to command the unreserved respect of your peers, colleagues and people who you regularly come into contact with. You must establish from the onset of the relationship. You can survive without them. They are truly optional to your mission. To put it crudely, they’re dispensable.

The problem as I see it usually comes in when delusional people believe (real or imagined) they have the power to either alter or affect your mental, physical and spiritual well being through their acts and omission.

Once you make the fatal mistake of being beholden to others – you can only lose your bargaining power…thereafter you will very quickly lose you respect and be despised.

Train your mind to be as strong as diamond…..it’s unbreakable!

Train, train, train and train!

‘For one and a half years a conceited clique of village elders have put pressure on me to conform to their ways – it is a very subtle form of psychological warfare designed to force me to kow tow to their ways. This they do through a variety of ways, by allocating me a table next to the toilet during functions. By sending me to Coventry, where I am forced to eat all by myself. The list goes on and on lah – it’s all designed to make me feel unwelcomed, a collective show of disapproval, to ostracize and treat me like a pariah.

Recently when they found out that I had purchased a very important piece of land. Some of them asked me to join them on their table.

I declined their offer politely and told them all – I much prefer to eat alone all by myself.

I could tell many people were not happy. Then again that is usually how it is when others want you to bow to them.

I bow to no one! If I really wanted to do that I would have remained a salaried man!

A man who is dead serious about succeeding in business would do well to cultivate the discipline to derive his sense of worth, self respect and manhood entirely by being able to stand independently.

Only a bloody fool will draw his self esteem, respect and dignity from ‘friends.’

Not many people know of this – that is why, they often feel slighted, insulted and saddened whenever others don’t treat them respectfully. These people have no one to blame but themselves as they never once bothered with the serious business of character building.

No one has the power to pass judgement and least of all look down on you….if you never once gave them the authority of power to do so! What surprises me is how simple it all is – yet this is truism is hidden away from so many.’

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