A thorn in the eye……

March 19, 2015

My recent land purchase is small….modest….possibly even insignicant. Yet it’s effect on my business rivals can only be described as ‘disproportionate.’

Why is that so?

Firstly I’ve managed to strike deep within the crèche of their hinterland….that which comprises the elements to disturb in this recent land transaction is hardly the size….it’s the diabolically evil manner in which I have planned this surprise attack. The execution was perfect….they didn’t even know what hit them…no time to even react….to organize a counter strike.

But there is one fatal flaw in this strategy….it’s unsustainable….I don’t have the means to swallow them up whole…..it’s a paper mâché tiger….a bluff.

I need to sue for peace….otherwise, I am in for pummeling of my life.

They will hunt me down!

There is however one option – the unthinkable where a man would put all that he owns in this world on one number to spin the roulette wheel. A bold move! A Pearl Harbor attack to the South! One where I could gain the world, but just as well end up in square one with nothing.

It has finally come to this….but now it seems as if I lost my resolve….my métier.

I hate them all for forcing my hand. Nothing would have given me the keenest pleasure than to live and let live….but even this morsel of happiness was denied to me. I hate you all….I will destroy you all. I swear, I will! Your lands will be mine!

Why does business have to be like Russian roulette? Why?


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