Join me or perish?

April 3, 2015

This morning during breakfast in the kopitiam I proposed to the elders of the village my intention to venture into prawn farming. I know what some of them were thinking as they listened to me….’finally, his true colours are showing, he is muscling into our turf’….’Adolf Hitler is planning to invade Poland!’…..’this only confirms our suspicion all along this man has a pathological imperialistic bent!’

I spoke plainly to the elders. I told them their current way of prawn farming was at best hit and miss – that it’s not only economically unsustainable, but since so much antibiotics and chemicals are used it’s an ecological dead end.

I told them I plan to farm tiger prawns exclusively for the Singapore market – that I will use the latest scientific breeding methods which I myself will pioneer….I will do the same as I did in optimising oil palm yield on hilly land.

My proposal was cold shouldered.

I feel sad as my sincere intentions to better the lot of community has been rebuffed.

Can you all see so clearly how I have been victimised…discriminated….and vilified again. How is it possible for anyone to blame me for what I am about to do!

I will have to conduct my research elsewhere… be continued.


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