Cool runnings

April 5, 2015

2015 is starting to feel like silk. Everything is going down just the way I planned it. Right down to the smallest detail. Everything is just the way it should be – the weather, workers, dogs, even those who seem to hate me….it’s all there splayed out like a smooth stretch of road. Everything is exactly the way it should be.

Everything is just perfect…it’s like that intensely spiritual moment when a race car driver finds that mythical line that allows him to be at one with his machine – he’s tearing down at full speed. Feeling the surge of the forward glide. There is absolutely no resistance…no vibration…the cylinders are all purring. The faint reassuring whiff of octane. In that moment when the holy trinity of road, machine and man are fused. The man whose at the wheel just knows. He can go faster and further than anyone else. There is no need to look at the rearview mirror….there’s no one tailgating. They’re all too far back – no one even comes close…’s just him…..his machine…..and the road that seems to run forever.

It doesn’t happen often as farming is usually stocked with loads of unexpected twist and turns…..but when it does, it’s just incredibly satisfying, edifying and nourishing….to know deep down. You’ve done it right the first time! There is no need to sit down there and mull over the past. It’s right the first time! No need to go back to rework that which didn’t turn out the way you planned it – it’s right the first time.

I know it’s too early to say this is how it will be for the rest of the year. I know….but it’s been so awfully long since things went my way. So I am going to relish every moment for what it’s worth.

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