The true test of whether a legacy is worthy or completely a waste of time

April 6, 2015

When a legacy is only premised on sweet sugary lies, happy myths and feel good fairy tales. That has absolutely nothing to do with the truth and everything to do with forwarding the illusion of the truth. Then it would require an unprecedented quantity and quality of men and materiale for that legacy to remain whole, coherent and believable.

Since this is perhaps the most inefficient process of conversion that utilises an unprecedented quantity of resources to defy the gravity of the truth….a flawed legacy simply takes too much energy to perpetuate…’s like one of those giant airships of antiquity. One day it will simply grind to a halt and come crashing down.

However a legacy that is based on the truth and nothing but the truth and can reliably impart wisdom, knowledge and wholesome lifecraft lessons will always grow from strength to strength and will require very little in the way of effort to take root – since this legacy is able to nourish every aspect of the human condition, it can only grow into a mighty tree in the hearts of people. It’s so very efficient, it’s not dissimilar from those mythical perpetual motion machines that keeps going and going…with so very little effort.

Trust me….what is said here…elsewhere….hardly matters today. You want to win! Go ahead. No one is fighting you.

Time will reveal all so very nicely at its own pace and rhythm…it could take ten, twenty even a hundred year. But reveal the truth it certainly will. There is no need to talk so much now…..what will stay will stay. What will end up in the garbage heap of history will make its way there.

Trust me. History is on my side.


‘Beware of the role models you choose to emulate and define your life on. The only reason why I feel this subject deserves a precautionary note is because – the role models you choose will probably have a disproportionate influence on your life. It’s like MSG. A little goes a long way!

So you owe it to yourself and perhaps others who are allied with you like your life partner, business associates and close friends to be thorough, exhaustive and diligent at seeking out the truth about your respective role models.

It’s hardly a matter of choice. This is not religion. It can’t be just premised on faith. It’s got be factual. Otherwise it’s no bloody good!

Being only 50% sure is no good. Neither should you limit your source of knowledge to only one or two ‘kosher’ sources. Shop around. Look at it from different vantages. Peer into darkened interiors. Question where possible…especially when all others seem to do is to follow like robots.

Like I said…role models are important….they’re like stuff you eat.

Take the curious case study of Alvin Tan, his role model just happens to be Adolf Hitler. That’s a Facebook published fact. Don’t believe me! Go ask him yourself. He’s so enamoured by the warped history of this man – that Alvin even has a tattoo of a Nazi iron cross on his chest that he wears proudly. As morally reprehensible as that image may be to most people – I can well understand Alvin’s motivations. I may not agree with it. But I can understand albeit at one level of intelligence.

The problem as I see it is when Alvin comes before people who really know the unabridged version of Adolf Hitler’s life and what he stands for. That is to say these people know not only the historicism of fascism. But they are also acutely aware of the political, economic, social and cultural implications of how fascism in the context of Hitler can ultimately shape beliefs, values and the contours of society.

So when one sees it all from this studied perspective – a new hemisphere of understanding about role models is suddenly revealed. At this level of underdtanding. We are not only talking about Alvin Tan, the man who believes casually with a carefree air of savoir faire – Adolf Hitler is a jolly good fellow – No! Suddenly a dead serious discussion suddenly opens up – one that may perhaps include, the various ramification of competing schools of thoughts and states of mind associated with whether Hitlerism is perdition or salvation to the human species.

It’s a new paradigm where some people may even ask of Alvin – why do you consider Hitler a good role model?

Understand this! These people are not merely assessing his intellectual firepower, but there may also be forming a picture of whether his thought processes are coherent and sound. Now this is what serious people do all the time! If they are going to skip lunch and take off thirty minutes from their busy schedule to interview you – it’s never going to be for fun sake. It’s going to be a quest for utility. A means to maximise advantage.

So like I said in the very beginning – I can understand if Alvin hero worships Hitler. But God help Alvin Tan should he find himself one day sitting before a panel of learned interviewers who are guardians of that door to opportunity and should one of them ask of Alvin – which chapter of Mein Kampf do you identify with most? And Alvin mumbles something to the effect that he hasn’t had time to read it! So he has no opinion on the subject. Instead Alvin much prefers to talk about the Bohemian aspiration of Hitler and how he once envisioned transforming Litz into a cultural arts centre of Banhaus Germania.

I say ‘Oh my God! Because if you were a fly on the wall in that interview. This is what would happen. I can almost guarantee this 110%.

The serious men of this world will look at their watch. Close their folders. Cap their pens. They will smile of course – thank Alvin for taking the time and making the effort to share his views with them and it will all come to an abrupt end? There and then. Finito!

Why? Because there is a serious omission that points to a serious lack in character. We are not talking about vitamin C deficiency. As it is a fundamental lack such as a car with no engine, plane with no wings or head with no brain here! And this goes back to my percautionsry note in the very beginning of this post comment – where I mentioned,

‘It’s not good enough to be 50% sure. Neither should you limit your source of knowledge to one or two ‘kosher’ sources. Shop around. Look at it from different vantages. Peer into darkened interiors. Question where possible…especially when all others seem to do is to follow like robots.’

That’s especially true in the case of role models in the context of opportunity – as I said, you have every right to worship whoever you believe fits the bill. But what you do not have the right to do is – embellish, bent, confect, elide and above all remain ignorant about the historicism concerning your role models.

This you don’t have a right to do and should you be foolish enough to believe you do – then someone who happens to know more about your role model will come along and state his case and put you into a NTUC plastic bag. Then that door of opportunity will always remain close to you. Look it’s nothing personal. It’s strictly business!

Consider this! Let’s say you came to me one day and told me – I want to make money like you by farming commercially. After the second curry puff – I would probably ask you….where do you see yourself in ten years. Now bear in mind that’s a loaded question – a trick question. As what I am really asking of you obliquely is – who is your role model?

Why is that jugular to me? I need to know. As I too have a vision and mission in life. That comes as a default position when one is a landowner – I need to be assured that if you’re going to turn the wheel of life as a commercial farmer. You are in synch with my vision. Ultimately it’s a question that prioritises values. To put it another way – what defines you as an individual?

As for intelligence, social acuity and diligence that’s secondary.

You know I am not talking about this subject from the cosy insiderism of someone who has a chair in that room called ‘opportunity.’ I want to be clear. I am a outlier. An exile from that place.

But if you ask me today whether I would do anything differently to get into that room called ‘opportunity.’ I would probably say, ‘yes.’ I am not going to give you the standard bs line – I have no regrets. Because I do. If I had the opportunity to do it all again.

I would probably shaddup. Be more humble. Talk less. Listen more. Be less opinionated.

Had I done that maybe I would already have the key to that door.

And that is the truth and nothing but the truth.’

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