Inner peace

April 7, 2015

When a man cultivates inner peace daily and diligently. Even if the world is in turmoil. This man will be calm and at rest. He is like that magical space of complete
stillness and silence in the eye of a raging storm.

Beware of such men in business. As since they have the secret knowledge to hone their mind like a samurai sword. Their minds have been weaponised. Usually these men are very dangerous, shrewd and strategic. Nothing is likely to shake this variety of men. They must always be handled like a King cobra.

However when a man does not bother with this one daily ritual to train the mind diligently and instead regularly allows his heart and mind to be taken by the wind like seeds. Even if the world is peaceful. This fool will find the slightest reason to work himself up into a frenzy. And if the world is in turmoil….this poor soul is likely to be swept away by the chaos of rashness and impulsiveness into the realm of infinite suffering.

Such men are incapable of committing themselves to great deeds – since they are absent from the cockpit of their brain most of the time and the important organ in the human body is permanently on auto pilot. These men are usually their worst enemies. They can easily be swayed by flattery, luxuries, rumours, greed, women and liquor.

Such men are usually boastful, quick to anger, incapable of all forms of restraint especially holding their tongue. Their minds are like blunt and rusty knives. They are their worst enemies.

It’s best not to regard what they have to say seriously. Treat them like children. Better still avoid doing business with such men. As they are likely to let themselves and you down or make promises they are incapable of honoring.


‘One of the most important keys of success in this world is to be a good judge of character. If a man is a poor judge of character. He is likely to put his faith and trust in knaves, charlatans and crooks. They will not only sabotage his journey to success, but steal his time, peace and opportunity. Soon this man will find himself trapped in a burning house.

When one is a good judge of character. It is like a farmer who knows the mysteries of the land – his seeds will grow with very little effort. He will reap a bountiful harvest. As this man has sowed his seeds into fertile ground.

Life is short…research and study this diligently.’

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