Saying the things that need saying at the right time

April 9, 2015

Farmers are always mindful of the season – they all know when one season bows out and another steps in. Most people remain oblivious to these micro changes in weather, landscape and fauna. But not farmers. We need to be mindful of the God of the small to gainfully turn the wheel of life from the good earth.

When a man knows the Tao of the seasons – life becomes easy. The way opens up smoothly. For instance, no farmer worth his salt ever sows his seeds during the height of the rainy season. As a deluge is likely to wash away all his hard work. Neither does one try to plough the earth during the dry season. As since the earth is rock hard, it’s unlikely he will ever keep a straight line.

There is always a season and reason for doing the things that needs doing. Some things cannot and should never be rushed or insisted on.

Only a fool will fight Mother Nature. As for the wise man….he will always go with the flow.


‘No one has a right to say you cannot criticise. Besides the imposition of such a stricture is hardly practical nor realistic these days considering you have a brain, mouth and key board.

All I am saying is. If you want your criticisms to go down well. To find their mark. To get it right the first time. And to get the best results.

Then choose the best time to criticize.

Life is not really so different from farming – there is I imagine a right time for right actions, deeds and thoughts – a time to set aside differences and stand in one line. No matter what our differences. As we must always remember. The things that continue to unite us must always stronger than the issues that threaten to divide us – as there is probably a time to mourn, a time to keep a dignified silence, a time to reflect deeply on your objects of interest, a time to gather your thoughts in the way a man unravels a knot….there is a time for everything.

This is the way of the world.

It’s like hunting. Most city folk think you just go out there and bring down a sixty five kilogram hog like in the movies. It’s never like that. It’s studied…meticolous…precise…above all timing is key. If you do not know this Tao. You are likely to go hungry and die in jungle. I don’t care how space age high tech is your kit….you will mati and a giant anaconda will eat you!

The huntsman knows this! The best time of the day to maximize his chances for a decisive kill – is at the narrow nape of dawn when the awakening birds would mask the sound of his movements. This necessary noisy period that only last 30 minutes allows him to get into the kill zone undetected. The lingering fog of dawn scatters the light and shadows making it impossible for prey to judge distance and make out forms. This gives him invisibility – the air is usually dead still during this time of the day hiding his human scent. This is confers the vital element of surprise…without surprise…there can be no decisive kill! But what makes all these steps possible is a deep understanding of how timing plays a preponderant role to produce opportunities – the art of moving with and not against….aerodynamics….to cut through a thing with minimal resistance.

The same applies to human dealings – raise contentious issues only at the right time to avoid resistance. Similarly in business I never come straight to the point – not if the goal is to get best results. Usually I skirt around the issue till I am certain the other side is relaxed and comfortable….then when the timing is just right somewhere between congeniality and when all the defences are at their lowest ebb. I strike decisively!

Same also goes when it comes to managing yourself and others in a family setting – no one likes a nagger. So don’t go on and on like a broken record. Not even when you happen to be righter than right. As all you will end up doing is driving your loved ones away from you. They will avoid you like the plague. As all you seem to do is jump on them all the time like a demented ninja turtle. After all what makes you so sure – your issues are more important than theirs? Maybe they have more pressing issues to contend with. Maybe their worries are even bigger than your petty understanding of right and wrong!

Be thoughtful. Mindful. And above all choose the right time to say what needs to be said. This way you can always be assured of best results.

All the serious men of this world know of this – that is why they can always be counted to behave and say the right thing at the right time. They are all without exception masters of timing, professionals who will only pick and choose their battles and will only fight when the conditions are met to produce a decisive victory.

As for the fool. He has no idea what I am talking about. There is no strategy. Even less timing. Nothing. Any how just hantam lah!’

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