A Big Big harvest

April 10, 2015

My harvest by every practical definition is stupendously huge this time. It’s the talk of the Region. If there is such a thing as a oil palm Olympics – I would bag the gold lah….with plenty of room to spare.

I need to be level headed. I can’t allow this go to my head like 50% proof alcohol.

I need to forget this and dedicate myself to doing what needs doing next.

For so many years I had to endure cruel jibes from my enemies who called me a confidence trickter, charlatan etc etc.

Today, I am vindicated.

I know now deep in my bones, as unconventional as it seems….my methods work!

Finally, I know. I don’t have to ever doubt my research any longer. All those long endless nights of mulling over my calculations are finally paying dividends. I needed this so badly. You all have no idea how badly I needed this!

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