April 10, 2015

Patience is not a state of mind. One cannot will oneself into a patient frame of mind any more than its realistic to expect a baby to stop crying. If anything patience is a form of wisdom – the uncommon intelligence that comes from knowing a thing for what it really is. Instead of what others say it is. Deep knowledge. Where one knows how things may work out and having the faith to see it birth. More importantly even if things don’t turn out the way it’s supposed too – the man of patience will always be able to find the courage to try again.

He is a very hopeful fellow.


‘I can’t get into a room because the padlock is jammed. I’ve spent the whole morning trying to pry both the door and lock open. At one point, out of sheer frustration I even took a hammer to see whether I could loosen the stubborn lock. All I managed to do was curl the steel door, which requires fixing later.

By noon. About fifteen minutes ago when the sun was highest. I decided to rest and make myself a cool drink.

Then it came to me. I should spray some lubricant into the lock. Give it some time for the oil to loosen what needs loosening. That should allow the bolt to slide effortless when I next try in the afternoon…there is no urgency to get into the room. I have all the time in the world.

Why I wonder did I feel so anxious for not being able to open the lock earlier. Maybe I am just accustomed to having things go my way and when it didn’t. I became frustrated. Since I pride myself as a handyman par excellence. When things don’t go my way – I tend to take it personally…it becomes an effrontery….something that I just need to get on top of.

When I think back, this is the opposite state of mind of the wisdom I am talking about in the context of patience – it’s immaturity laced with an over inflated ego that makes me blow things out of proportion that causes me to feel anxious and frustrated.

I need to see my actions and what I am dealing with in the right scale. To even get it all in the right perspective – to see this padlock which refuses to open as just another padlock that refuses to open. It’s not personal. The padlock has no beef with me. Neither does it have anything to do with whether I am a five chili or zero handyman. Even less to do with my understanding of what it takes to be a real man….it’s just a padlock that refuses to open for whatever reason.

When the weather is cooler in the afternoon. I will try again. The longer I leave it – the more time the oil can work on loosening the stuff that keeps that padlock stuck.

I am sure it will go my way. If it doesn’t. I am not going to sweat it. There is always tomorrow.’

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