Big foot the famous Amos dog

April 23, 2015


Looks can often be deceptive. I know he looks like a Doberman. The problem is big foot either doesn’t know nor believes that he is a guard dog. He’s got his own mind. Every night he crawls under the gate and goes off exploring the vast and mysterious wilderness.

Big foot doesn’t know all sorts of dangers lurk outside the parameter fence after sun down. He thinks it’s just one big amusement park. But I know otherwise.

Whenever he returns from his travels – big foot behaves like a four legged Mandeville and begins mesmerising the other dogs in the pack with his tall tales – I can’t understand dog lingo, but judging from the way the rest of the pack sit around him sullenly. They certainly revere his independent spirit I know they’re taken in by his stories.

Something needs to be done…otherwise the centre will cave right in.

Today I tied a oversized XXL Jerry platic container around big foot….his nocturnal wandering soirees are well and truly over.

But you never know. Big foot is a resourceful dog. A hippie dog. Anything is possible when a dog regards life as just one big game….anything.



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