Instant karma plantation style

April 27, 2015

Today I met a very obnoxious man during a planters luncheon. This chap went on and on about how utterly pathetic PMET’s are in Singapore these days. His words were something to the effect, ‘if they don’t bother to carry an umbrella… when it rains…then who is to blame when they get soaked to the bone?’

As I was leaving the owner of Telugu estate suggested I stay back to discuss a land deal. So I ended up being the last to leave.

During the long drive thru the plantation to the main road. I came across a distressed Range Rover. It was the fat obnoxious man waving frantically. Hardly had I stopped, he asked me excitedly whether I had jumper cables. I told him not only do I have jumper cables, but I also happen to have a spare freshly charged battery that would fit his car. He looked relieved.

I then drove right off.

As I looked at my rear mirror. All I could make out was a pathetic figure with an expression of utter shock standing there all alone. I couldn’t help but feel pity for him – as it would be dark soon. I know the tribes in that area. I even speak their language fluently. Above all I know only too well how it would all turn out.

Yes….the man was right. After all what self respecting banker who regularly transacts with planters would even venture into the depths of a plantarion without basic field training, seven days of rations and emergency equipment….really, it must be like one of those sad sods who don’t ever bother with umbrellas.

Whose to blame then, when they get soaked right to the bone? Surely not me!

Besides I still have a good 25 miles before I reach the main road. What if I give him my spare battery and something happens to me? Will he stop? Will he extend me the same courtesy? What if I end up begging him on bended knees for help while he gives me a lecture on why no one owes you a living or a spare battery? Or still what if he begins to rebuke me for harbouring an entitlement mentality?

Opinionated folk should be very careful what comes out from their mouth in the company of planters….trust me, we are the hardy variety of men, not like your run of the mill kwai kwai sweet smelling city metrosexuals, not at all!

They should really be more careful.


‘We leave no man behind! We choose this way of regarding our fellow brothers, not because it is easy, but precisely because we know it to be very hard and risky.

Understand this! Ants cannot do this, but humans can and must to remain human otherwise we will all degenerate into clever talking animals who wear tailor made suits.

We need to keep this discipline true and tight…that you could say is the only thing we ever really do. To keep the idea shinning bright in our thoughts, words and deeds – as when we allow indifference, selfishness and personal gain to fog our intellect.

Then we will certainly find all the ‘right’ reasons to leave men who find it difficult to keep up behind not only once, but probably twice, thrice and soon it would become our only way of regarding our fellow men and soon there will be no one left in the tribe. It would disappear like dust leaving the empire of the bones.

That you could say is the cardinal rule of brotherhood.’

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