Well singapore is not such a safe place after all….is it?

April 30, 2015

Well if this can happen in the courtyard of the palace of justice. Then this more or less puts everything into the correct perspective.

If this happened in the kampung some fine soul would probably throw an axe at the assailant and split his head in two.

Who after all hits a kid?

Why don’t you pick on real men?

I dare you lah!


‘In my considered opinion from this point onwards public opinion will certainly turn. Because most reasonable men will never condone violence on kids. Let’s not talk about PAP automatons. Their point of view counts for nothing in the ranks of reasonable and well adjusted folk.

When I watched this I felt very sad for master Amos and his parents. This kid is not a frontier man – he is a metrosexual lah. A defenceless creature, a product of soft living. So he doesn’t know krag maga. I felt very sad that he had to go thru that. What I cannot understand for the life of me, is there were so many reporters there, but not a single one of them felt the moral duty of care to even give chase or to train their lenses on the crazy man to facilitate identification
– instead they just proceeded robotically as if nothing happened. This in my opinion speaks volumes about the lamentable state of our society.

Shame on you all! I hope one day the same happens to your sons and daughters. If I happen to be there trust me, all I will do is take pictures with my mobile phone and enjoy the show lah. You are all a bloody disgrace to the human species!’

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