The battle of the hearts and minds

May 2, 2015

A surprise attack is in the cards. I plan strike my enemies during the height of the rainy season when they least expect it, by denying them fruit. To do this, I would need to transport my fruit thru the treacherous plantation roads during the height of the rainy season to the South.

For four years My drivers have trained relentlessly for such an impossible feat….it has never been done before. But I am hopeful of one this occasion.

The millers have all ganged up to bribe the small holders to deny me road access to the south. They sense my plan. I have responded by conducting a lighting hearts and minds campaign by spreading rumours….disinformation…and outright lies about them. The goal is to destroy their command and control structure.

This moment is jugular. As in the fog of sheer confusion. I will break thru to the South.

I need to engineer an impasse. I need to create conditions where the millers have no fruit. Only then can I negotiate terms in my favor. Without this. I have no leveraging power to demand favorable terms.

To accomplish this I need the Tamils throughout the Southern route to support me. Fortunately, I have the bearing of MGR, that much loved Bollywood movie star of the 60’s. Since I speak fluent Tamil and have learnt his ways by watching grainy black and white films – I can walk with remarkable ease into the hearts and minds of these simple minded kampung folk. Many of them have already been hypnotised by me.

The war has begun.

I cannot be faulted for what I am going to do. As since people disturb me. And I never disturb anyone! I cannot be blamed for being evil.

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