The parallels of the foolish landowner who only hears good news and the shutting down of TRS

May 5, 2015

This is a true story that I can personally vouch for…..

Two hours from my plantation. There once lived a landowner who like to hear only good news concerning his estate. Whenever his farmhands brought out contentious issues. This landowner would banish them away labelling them as troublemakers. On other occasions he would make life so miserable for those who highlight problems, they either kept quiet or left the village.

As time went by, the landowner was surrounded only by yes men, parvenus, professional ball carriers, apple polishers and people who would only tell him what he wanted to hear – good news! Whenever the landowner visited his estate, these knaves would show off only the good side of the estate. On one occasion, workers were even asked to superglue fruits on trees to make them look productive. As for the lorry drivers carrying fruit, they were even asked to drive round and round to give the landowner the impression, the estate was producing record yields. Things were so bad that even the accounts were regularly cooked to make it look as if the estate was managed by the best talents in the world. Whenever problems came up, they were surreptiously swept under the carpet, so as to preserve the impression that all is well and life is beautiful.

One day when working conditions for the workers became too unbearable. Many marched to the plantation house of the landowner. When he asked, the estate manager what was this – the manager replied, ‘sir, the workers are honouring you with a light procession.’ When the landowner stepped out to greet the workers. He found out to his dismay they all very angry with him.

Thereafter the foolish landowner disappeared like a puff of fart on a windy day. Never to be heard or seen again.

In the same valley. There lived a wise landowner who started off with some say a very modest landholdings.

This farmer drove out fear from the ranks of his workers. Whenever anyone brought out problem, he would often thank and praise them for their courage to speak out, ‘ thank you for bringing this to my attention….as we must never see a problem as a problem. Rather it is an opportunity to improve.’ With this philosophy, the wise landowner was able to retain and attract straight talking, honourable and capable men.

Soon his land holdings grew and grew till he became the largest landowner in the valley.

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