A double whammy year for farming

May 6, 2015

Mothernature has pulled back! The year started off well. Or so it seems. But I know she has pulled back. I can tell. That siaow charbor has decided to pull up her panties and storm right out of the room while shouting at the top of her voice dowan lah!

I can tell. The signs are all there. I am the best farmer North of the peninsula. There is no one that even comes close to my mastery of farming. She has pulled back! I am convinced.

The signs are there. The trees are not yielding as much fruit as they are supposed to. It is our arrogance that blinds us. As humans who are so accustomed to reducing everything to a veritable science, we think, we know everything there is to know about trees. But there is whole lot of we will never know. There is a labyrinth of mystery when it comes to trees. Such as how they have all decided to pull back for no apparent reason.

The price of oil palm will drop this year. It’s a fact. Coupled to this, the low yield phenomenon will hit many farmers hard.

I need to find a way to cheat mothernature. I know it can be done. I don’t need a lot of opportunities. I just need one clear shot. When her back is turned. I will rush up her skirt and do my thing.

Not many farmers know this. They do not have the experience or knowledge to see what is ahead of them. They don’t know the party is going to be a no show.

I must find a way to capitalise on this crisis. If I can do so, I will survive to fight another day. If not, this will set me back for years.

I must not fear. I must be courageous. Above all….we will win!

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