Something evil comes this way

May 11, 2015


An alien weed is slowly creeping into my tiny farming hamlet. Most farmers have not registered the clear and present danger this super duper species of weed presents. They don’t know how ferocious it can be. Absolutely zero. How it can even smolder all the good weeds and take over everything leaving the trees anemic, weak and prone to disease.

I know this weed well from my other life in Africa. It grows along the Gambezi – the Matabili call it ‘Ulak,’ it’s used in juju, black magic – the roots are soaked in vinegar for three days, dried and pounded into fine powder. When blown in a face of a man – he will convulse like a demented Jack in the box, till the anecdote is administered. Further up North up the Nile where it’s arid. This weed can survive even in the desert. Over there caravaners squeeze out its whitish sap and mix it with ostrich bone powder, it’s good for everything ranging from healing scabs on camels to patching up a bullet wound.

It’s not possible to wage a chemical war against this super weed. If one is foolish enough to do so – it will draw the fool into a very expensive protracted war of attrition. This weed has strategic capabilities….it has a brain….it can even retreat and mount a counter strike.

To knock off thid super weed… must first understood completely. This is the first discipline of warcraft,

‘Know your enemy and yourself and you will be victorious.’

There has to be a chink in it’s seemingly impervious armor. I know….I just need to find it.

We will win!

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