The looming perfect storm and the storm in the teacup that finally settled down

May 19, 2015

While last year El Niño confounded weather boffins no end by sending a non stop stream of mixed signals. Where it could be said, she was like one of those indecisive ladies who was sending out very confusing messages to her suitors….I want, I Dowan, I want, I Dowan. Thru out the whole 2014 starting from the word go in January – she was doing just that alone.

This year suddenly without any warning – Mother Nature seems to have made up her mind. She’s stepping on the gas pedal fully decked in Victoria Secrets – all the conditions that makes possible El Niño are lined up perfectly. There is no hesitation on this occasion. No room for speculation even, not the slightest. Everything is falling into the right place like a checklist before a rocket launch – it is thus far all green and all systems are ready to go….it is, what it is. As all the criterias have been met for a technical El Niño event to be called.

It’s show time!

The sheer speed at which El Niño has formed somewhere in the Pacific and declared has taken the entire agricultural industry by surprise.

There has been no time to prepare. No alerts. No contingency plans. Even government agencies thru out the world are all caught with their pants down and by the looks of how futures in agri sector have been snapped up in the commodities, it seems everyone in holding on for a roller coaster ride.

I fear the very worst this time.

The Amos Yee storm in the tea cup seems to be dying out quite nicely. Since his inexplicable and thoughtless accusation against Vincent Law. It seems most reasonable people are beginning to disassociate themselves from Amos and dropping him like a hot potato.

Even those who were once allied with his cause are now covered from head to toe with shit pie and from a public perception standpoint – not only do they all look like bloody fools. But their judgement for backing a psycho boy can only militate against them.

As by now, it’s very clear to all. They have all backed a loose canon that has just pivoted and given them a load of buck shot in the ass. It’s likely this still born event that initially showed all the promise of developing into the perfect storm is now beginning to lose momentum and fizzle out – meanwhile Amos continues to dig a hole into the center of the earth. He is completely oblivious to how he has completely lost the plot!

To me, this is most unfortunate as this can only be a once in a life time squandered opportunity. As Amos latest tiff with Vincent Law has not only distracted us from examining the nuanced jurisprudential moral and ethical ramifications of whether it’s ‘right’ for the state to level a custodial sentence against a minor for what is written and said, which in my opinion is the crux of this saga.

But this distraction has also allowed the custodians of power to elide this entire case without having to supply a credible explanation as to how it’s possible to send a kid to jail for just speaking his mind.

The losers are of course, those who care deeply about their constitutional freedom. As they would have benefited most from further public discourse on this matter. As it is the season has passed. Opportunity is gone.

This epic reversal can be credited to Amos, who by indulging in an incomprehensibly petty and irresponsible cry wolf caper against the man who bailed him out of prison lost sight of the far more important fight as he busies himself with kiddy sandbox politics.

It’s fair to say Amos has squandered all his sympathy votes along with shifting the public focus from the cogent to the practical question: how can we all forget this repulsive boy and move on with our lives?

Amos has in effect committed online hara-kiri in one masterful stroke that even makes the charge of the light brigade look like a very sensible military enterprise and now all that’s left for him and his motley crew is to disappear into obscurity like a sugar cube melting into nothingness in a hot cup of tea.

No El Niño there! It’s a false alarm!

If this is the way you are going to play the game of thrones. Then please stick to scramble lah. This is my advice. As you didn’t even reach level 1. You lost the plot and egged it up.

All you did was the prove that it’s possible for a human being to impersonate a fire cracker…to light up the night sky in one momentary burst of light to mesmerize the crowd….only to disappear into the oblivion of silence forever. Finito!

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