Understanding that, which only you can understand…yourself

May 28, 2015

Do not expect people to understand what you are going thru. If you hold on to this unreasonable expectation. Even your loved ones and close friends will fail you. All you will end up accomplishing is feeling very hurt and disappointed. This is how a man turns into a cynical and bitter person.

The best you can ever hope to do – is to strive to understand yourself by understanding what you HAVE to go thru and WHY.

Once you understand this aspect of yourself completely. You will be able to face your fears calmly. Through the sheer power of understanding yourself in the form of what you HAVE to go thru and WHY. You will never feel abandoned and forsaken. There can be no fear. As fear can only draw it’s power from uncertainty and not knowing.

When you understand yourself completely. You will be able to control your mind so well that even fear can have no dominion over you.

All that fear can do is pass over and through you like a vapor. And when it has gone. You will turn the inner eye of your mind to see its wake.

Where fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only you will remain……there will be no one else…..but you.

As only you understand.


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