Lull before a perfect storm

June 5, 2015

Everything is the way it should be….for now at least. But appearances can often be deceptive. As mother nature is planning to lob a hand grenade into this apparent sea of calmness in the form of El Niño.

The signs are all there. The air is hollowed out, exactly the way it is just before an epic storm. Rains fall straighter. As for the cumulus clouds. They hardly ever moved at all. It’s as if a giant hand pinned them against a blue montage. Even the birds are restless. Yesterday I caught sight of a flock of flamingo flying east. They were heading towards the wrong direction. Africa is on the otherside. As for the sea, pickings have been sparse. Fishermen say the sea is smooth and calm like a mirror.

It’s slowly unfurling. Somewhere in the pacific, it’s all coming together. This year, it’s all line up nice and proper like dominoes…..the conditions that makes possible an El Niño event that is. There’s is no dilly dallying…wan…Dowan….no room even for the slightest margin for doubt.

Last night I heard from the BBC world service the Indians have declared that their June monsoon will likely fail. No show this year.

As for the politicians, they don’t seem to comcerned which to me is the surest sign for one to be duly concerned. As they probably know the shit is going to hit the fan and food prices are likely to spike in the next six months.

Meanwhile everything is the way it should be….for now at least.


‘While El Niño usually last nine to 12 months. In some cases they may last for years. El Niño usually begins to form between June and August, peak between December and April, and then decay between May and July of the following year. That’s mucho bad for oil palm as this means two monsoons will be severely affected. The first that occurs somewhere between August and September 2015 / April and May 2016.’

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