When Malaysians make more sense than Singaporean policy makers.

June 10, 2015

There is a proposal in Malaysia to impose a minimum climb age for MK.

What’s my take? Good move!

I don’t see any difficulty to mobilise many of the world’s leading climbers to support this latest inititiatve by the Malaysian authorities….after all I am the man who just happens to have five out of seven peaks etched in the inside of my belt. That’s the equivalent of the iron cross with swords and diamonds in the cloistered community of those who regularly pit themselves against mountains.

I am sure they would all listen to me, it’s after all a very small tight knit community of cosy inderism winks and nudges….all it takes is a couple of phone calls.

You all have no idea how easy it is to move this mountain.

This is the only way to protect kids from gung-ho kamikaze adventurist. There is no other way…the solution is to shove it down their throats irrespective of whether they like it or not! This is the only way.

Your party is truly over!


‘The issue is never about whether MK is easy or hard to climb. Or even whether it is doable by a toddler, paraplegic or cripple in a wheelchair. That to me is a red herring in every possible sense. Irrelevant!

Steady down and think it thru.

The real issue is reduced to only the power of one question – can the risk justify the expected pay out? That would depend on whether the probable risk factors can be effectively mitigated and managed. That also happens to be the base line duty of care that every responsible expedition organizer, leader and stakeholder would have to consider very seriously BEFORE a climb – can he minimize the risk to as close to zero as possible….if the answer is ‘no’. Then there is no excuse to use natural disaster as a defense because I can argue loose rocks are as common in mountains as shamrock is to open fields in Ireland and it’s criminally irresponsible to put leave safety in the capricious hands of Mother Nature. That’s the litmus test when it comes to kids and dangerous activities. Safety first! The rest comes thereafter.

The onus is amplified a thousand fold when kids are involved. Because there is nothing in their thumb drives – so if you tell them it’s safe….they will believe it’s safe. That’s the tragedy about young people. They Bo chye see. It’s infanticide.

Not like seasoned climbers who all secret a razor in the inner liner of their boot and who will have absolutely no hesitation in cutting himself loose in the first sign of trouble. They go in with their eyes open…they are aware of the risk. Of course these are the facts of life that even seasoned climbers never talks about, not even amongst themselves simply because it’s politically incorrect to do so.

I say, if the risk cannot be managed effectively to as near to zero as humanly possible – then it’s better to give it a miss for the sake of all. After all it’s not as if there aren’t less dangerous and other memorable ways to develop character, confidence and leadership skills.

Don’t be macho or gung-ho about it. This is not an ego trip – after all the mountain, sea or jungle is not going to go anywhere in the next one thousand years, so what’s the rush to climb it at twelve years of age?

What are you trying to prove? I don’t understand….I just don’t. To me it’s just incredibly dumb to go out and look for trouble….especially when it comes to twelve year olds.’

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