My wonder weapon against the invasion of the alien weed

June 13, 2015

There is an evil weed that is smoldering everything in it’s wake where I turn the wheel of life. Most farmers are responding to this new menace in the only way they know how – by engaging in a protracted chemical war against the alien invader.

In my assessment, they will lose. I have modeled the outcome mathematically in every possible scenario – all they are doing is getting embroiled in an expensive, wasteful and drawn out arms race where at the end – they would have to resort to a super poisonous range of herbicides – that will eventually poison their land. Win all the battles and lose the war!

These foolish farmers have not bothered to study and research the art of war of this alien weed. It cannot be wiped out, it’s sublimely clever and all they are doing is inadvertently building herbicidal resistance thus creating a new generation of ever stronger evil weed.

After months of research and field studies. I finally have the solution – the solution takes it’s cue from the ancient aphorism, poison cures poison…..I will use another strain of weed to smolder this other evil weed. Only this is a good weed, one that gives back to the land more than it can ever take and this will mean my land will always be fertile and the crops that grow will always be high yielding.

Go my little friends….go fight and win this war!



‘Every morning when I look at the man who stares back at me in the mirror – I say to him, ‘good morning, how’s the world’s greatest farmer today?. Usually he just gives me that same bleary eyed look of different day, same shit and continues shaving. I don’t see as an exaggeration – world’s greatest farmer that is. Not at all. As I happen to believe the man in the mirror truly deserves such an extraordinary appellation only because, I have every reason to believe he’s no ordinary farmer. He is the prototypal farmer extraordinaire of the future.

That’s how I start my day…that’s how I put a spring on my walk that last me the whole day in the field.

In the future I envision a great social reversal – where droves of men and women will return back to the land. I don’t see this as some dreamlike dystopian screenshot. To me it’s very real, as it is a very compelling case. Many will begin to turn their backs on cities.

Call it what you may a post modernist exodus, an awakening or crie de couer for a simpler, slower and more meaningful way to live. But it will happen as cities gradually turn into nihilistic battery chicken farms where the averagely miserable masses seem to do very little except work, work and work just to get by. The sad fact about the modern economy is it’s a grand race right down to the bottom by cannibalizing on the well being of the worker – wages are not nearly keeping up with expenses. Ravenous corporations pay scant attention to the dignity of labor and the whole idea of a living wage for workers. They seemed focused only about amassing power, money and influence to perpetuate the status quo ante.

Hence. I simply don’t see that modern day calculus of life as a sustainable way to make human progress. It may very well make economic book sense, but since it puts the well being of people before monetary growth….at some point, many will begin to question the whole idea of work and how it may even fit in to create the idea of a better tomorrow.

When that day comes….many will turn away from cities.

I am sure many will disagree with me. As I am equally certain many will also have absolutely no trouble in agreeing with my bleak take of the future.

The way I see it, when that day comes these hopeful men and women appear like a thin line in the horizon to farm as a way of reclaiming their lost lives – they would need the prototypal farmer of the future to show them the ropes. To be there like a silent sentinel to ease their right passage into their first harvest, to see them thru from the realm of theory to reality.

My entire life has been nothing less than a testament to this indestructible belief.

This is neither alien nor strange to me. As when I reflect back on my life, there have been many moments when I have committed myself to ‘strange’ missions that no one really understands – it always starts that way, where usually I trudge alone for years and years….then one day I met others and more will join the flow and soon like the Americans say, the rest is history.

That I imagine is how I see my life. Or should I say how I much prefer to see.’

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