Managing yourself effectively with disrespectful people

June 14, 2015

In your brief lifespan in this world. You are bound to come across disrespectful people who will try to hurt you with cruel words, deeds and thoughts.

Whenever you come across such people – you must always remember, providing you did not do anything willfully to incur their wrath. The problem has to reside with them – they probably have issues that are eating them up from within. Maybe when they see you, they secretly yearn to be like you. But since they are stuck in their miserable sagging skins that no one wants to fuck – they just have to hate you to take the sting out of the crappy cards life cruelly dealt them.

Never bow before such people. Never even give them so much as a millimeter. Because if you do – all your self respect, dignity and worth as an individual will be torn to shreds to feed their ravenous resentments, insecurities, over inflated ego and psychosis.

Just walk away and give them directions to the nearest minefield where hopefully they will end up as fertilizer to nourish the trees.

If you disregard this and choose to stay to work out their issues, you will only be sucked into the gyre of their darkened world and in no time – you who were once whole and balanced will end up entertaining evil thoughts like how to mow them all down with a machine gun along with where to hire an excavator at midnight along with where to dig a mass grave, fabricate an alibi when the police comes knocking at your door etc etc etc….all you will end up doing is complicating your already complicated life. What is the point! Worst of all, their twisted ways will change you till, you will become as evil and disturbed and unbalanced as them.

Being alone all by yourself is infinitely better, healthier and much more nourishing than to struggle in vain in the company of people who are just out to find fault with you all the time.

Just walk away.


‘As a farmer. Life is already complicated and hard. So why would I want to complicate my already complicated life? Why is there a need to make life which is already hard…harder?


Tell me. Do you believe, you were put on this earth to nourish human suffering?

Or perhaps you were born in this time line to enjoy whatever little happiness life has to offer – happiness is not an easy thing to come by for me or you. Peace of mind. The feeling that comes from putting in an honest days work. All these moments are rare and hard to come by, so why allow inconsiderate people to take whatever little you already have that makes life worth living?

This is why nowadays whenever I have nothing good to say of others. I choose to remain quiet. If I feel that a group of people bring out the worst in me. I avoid fellowshipping with them.

In the past I would do crazy things whenever I am angry like punch a steel door again and again till my hands swell up like boxing gloves. Only to end up asking myself – what did you do that for? Now you have no hands for the next month!

These days I still punch a steel door from time to time whenever I am angry. But I limit myself to only three blows.

I need to learn how to walk away.’

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