Hiding your strengths to make one stronger

June 17, 2015

Today I told my harvesters to spread the rumor, my yield has been going down due to mismanagement of my estate. I also instructed my farmhands to report, if anyone asked whether my bird population was going up or down – that they haven’t seen any young birds of late.

In a while many of my enemies in the village will begin to laugh at me. They will take joy from my many ‘failures.’ They will sit amongst themselves and relish the idea – the man who hails from the city is finally getting his due……

Meanwhile I will continue to grow stronger in the cover of these lies and when they are completely drunk on their self assurance….certain even that all is lost and that I am nothing but a bumbling fool.

I will strike like a cobra.

All warfare is based on deception.


‘One reason why we suffer is because we harbor expectations from others. A son could treat his parents well, but if they do not see his goodness and instead choose to nitpick on his faults….he will feel sad. The same holds true for the dutiful husband who saves whatever he earns for his family only to feel let down when his wife suspects he may be secreting away some money on the side….he too will feel very sad.

In both instances. These men suffer as they harbor expectations from others. And when their acts are misconstrued, sadness follows.

I once stopped along a kampung road on a rainy day and proceeded to change a flat tire for a girl. Only to have to tell this frigid girl quite prosaically in the authoritative tone of a landowner, ‘Madam, I feel the need to inform you with great regret, you are not my type. You have nothing further to fear. I did not stop to change your tire just to fuck you. I just want to finish this and return back to my house and make a Ribena to quench my thirst. I would appreciate if you can help me by not being so nervous.’ Thereafter this girl began to calm down and blush only to intone in great disappointment, ‘Is that you final answer? Would you like to reconsider?’ The only reason why I felt the need to recount this strange tale is to illustrate how many of us often harbor false expectations of others that invariably leads to suffering.

The solution to this problem is NEVER harbor any expectations from others. Not even if we happen to be kind, generous and thoughtful to them. Never!

Give without any expectation that your charity and good will, will ever be returned or reciprocated.

That is the gold standard. The discipline.

If one is unprepared to do this. Then don’t give at all. Keep it all to yourself. As the act of giving is supposed to be the ultimate form of receiving that is supposed to nourish the soul of the giver and NEVER the recipient.

This is not indifference. Neither is it cynicism, it is simply the wisdom of living without the need to suffer unnecessarily.’

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