The Holyman, farmer and rich ladies

June 24, 2015

Just around the time, the winds shifted direction signifying the arrival of the dry season. I was invited to a posh garden luncheon hosted by a group of plantation ladies who regularly read my blog. One of them suggested that I should write a book….she mentioned, it would definitely be a best seller as many of my life formulations have worked miracles to improve her life…..the others chorused her views. I merely smiled and murmured…that is not necessary.

Another suggested donating a handsome sum to start a foundation…..this lady mentioned, it would be a travesty if all your philosophies are scattered to the wind when I am no longer around, she went on to mention, this way many of your reflections about life can continue to enrich other lives. Again the large crowd nodded in agreement….again I murmured sheepishly…..that is not necessary.

Eventually when the crowd had moved on to other distractions and I was left alone to wander the lush garden which was in full bloom. An elder religious gentlemen of a denomination I feel is not necessary to mention strode up and complimented me, ‘it seems you are a man with great insights and can walk into hearts of others with great ease….I see great prospects and riches for you if only you will consider joining us’…..again I murmured…..that is not necessary.


‘It is not necessary that you agree with me. Not all. I want to be crystal clear. If by any chance you feel such an imposition. It is you, yourself who have put this burden before you and not I.

After all if you take the trouble to walk around my blog. You will notice that I do not seek your agreement in any shape or form whatsoever. Am I trying to sell you anything? No. Do you by any chance see any crowd funding icons to click on? Tell me what use is your agreement to me!

So do not insult me by thinking the things you do! This is not too much to ask.

I don’t need your money, adulation or approval. I am a farmer. A self made man and I happen to enjoy intensely the dignity of my labor that more than adequately provides for my worldly needs. Besides I live a very spartan life free from illusions. So that is that.

To be quite honest with you, I would much prefer it, if you remain slightly mistrustful and even skeptical about what I have to say. Not only me! But for anyone else under the sun…the man in your TV…the man on stage…. You should always interrogate what I and everyone else tells you and NEVER just take and run with it. Because that is precisely what I would do, I never take anyone word at face value.

The problem as I see it in this age is to many leaders demand unconditional trust and usually when you give it to them. They will use and abuse it – I am not only referring to power crazy politicians, but the same applies to bent pastors, your bosses or for that matter anyone who is higher than you in the food chain.

They all have a hidden agenda.

So to me remaining skeptical and always mistrustful is your only insurance policy against nefarious people controlling your mind and keeping it yours.

Besides you are not me and what may work for me may not necessarily work for you. So you may need to tweak it to make it work for you or even retrofit it with something else to make it run smoother. But work at it you must with the power of your mind so that you can call it your own.

So Of course I encourage you all to do your own research and study about life and to craft the life you want to lead yourself. Do not follow people blindly! After all that is not what I would do myself, so by what right do I have to tell you to do otherwise!

Only understand the pitfalls when you decide to put your faith in unnecessary things.

When one’s belief is based solely on the dead black printed alphabets of dogma – then all thinking will at some point cease completely since all dogmatic teachings first requires total and unconditional surrender of the mind. When this point is reached, the mind can only die a painful death.

This is why there are so many confused people mumbling meaningless words mechanically without really knowing why they even do the things they do or for that matter where all this great diffusion of energy will lead them to….they are clueless. They can donate X, Y and Z to this or that holy man and feel like a million dollars. But when it comes to their own family and loved ones they give grudgingly with feelings of resentment. They can point a crooked finger at someone who says their god doesn’t exist and accuse them for insulting their religion. But they never once considered whether by insisting vehemently on their faith being to he only true path, they may have insulted the sensibilities of those who may not share their beliefs. They speak about compassion and goodness, yet they look for trouble at the slightest opportunity.

Tell me how did this people end up like this? It is because they are to willing to put their trust in a higher brain. In every sense, these people have stopped thinking entirely. They have ceased completely to ask meaningful questions, to interrogate and to be curious all the time.

So they are really no better than a monkey trained to pick coconuts….as I said, all these nonsense that take you away from thinking are all not necessary and even dangerous…not necessary at all. All they will do is mislead and cause you grief as you go around in big and small circles.’

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