What makes a man and a woman beautiful…..

June 27, 2015

Recently I met up with an old friend for a round of golf. Somewhere between the third and fourth hole as we were walking. This friend turned to me and lamented, ‘I feel old, I think I should buy a Ferrari.’ This was the first of many such statements that reflected that my friend was not very comfortable with the prospects of aging.

After the completing the last hole when we were cooling our heels over beer in the pavilion admiring the setting sun, my friend turned to me and mentioned,

‘I notice you are not in a very talkative mood today as you did not offer me an answer to a single one of my questions thru out our long walk.’

I merely expressed, ‘the answer to your question was and is right before you. Observe …breathe…live…be part of.


‘Every age has something to offer like the hours of the day. During the morning the air is fresh and everything seems to be bursting with life and vigor. It’s beautiful. By mid morning a languor creeps in and clouds begin to form like candy floss across the paraffin skies…again it’s beautiful. By mid day, when the sun is fiercest, it is the only time of the day when a man is able to appreciate the contrast between being in the full blast of the sun and in the cool of the shade. This is only time of the day when the shade itself acquires an almost surreal and supernatural quality of an oasis…again it is beautiful. In the late afternoon, when the sun cast long and lingering shadows and everything seems to be set aflame…again it’s startling beautiful.

Each moment in the day has something wonderful, magical and unique to offer PROVIDING we live in the now and not in the past or distant future.

What makes a man or woman truly beautiful to behold in my opinion is never how young he or she looks. That is a very inferior quality of beauty that usually lacks the requisite depth that can only appeal to very inferior people who only chase meaningless things. As it’s like a soufflé. There is nothing really there!

Rather true beauty is proportional to how much oneness a person is able to embody in the present…the moment….that is able to convey his or her appreciation of the abundance of what life has to offer.

The more present he is with the moment. The more intense the life force. This is why we say of some people who have the maximum impact on us, he has a presence!

What we are actually referring to without us really realizing, is how this person is able to embody the idea of nowness in the way he speaks, carries himself and conveys his thoughts.

Nowness is when human consciousness is at it’s maximum output…level 10, it is the opposite of being alive in the distant past or future….or clinging to illusions like a power crazed addict. Or chasing pots of imaginary gold at the end of the rainbow like a fool.

It is the attitude of appreciating this very moment NOW, such as NOW when I am recruiting all the powers of my intellect and experiential knowledge along with bad spelling to convey what I have to share with all of you in this blog entry.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful that the idea of nowness residing in the human form. As that is when the simple act of living is transformed into a celebration of life where one is most present. Such an attitude is a well spring of not only well being, hopefulness and happiness, but it also allows us to be correct in the way we manage ourselves and others.

As for age, it is only a meaningless number that when we become fixated and obsessed about only leads to a hall of mirrors of confusion, fear and suffering.

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