The wisdom of going it alone

June 29, 2015

We all must make an effort to get along whenever possible. We really must! As there is certainly a lot of positives that comes from getting along with others. This hardly requires any elaboration at all. It’s obvious.

But if the price of getting along requires one to cannibalize that which is an indelible part of your character, till it threatens to appropriate by force or destroy who you are.

Then what is the point of insisting on getting along with others? To put it another way, what’s the bloody point of getting along for the sake of just getting along?

If getting along comes to this. Then it could be said, the price of getting along is simply too expensive to buy into and it’s best for one to wing it all alone.

You do your thing….I do mine….after all the world is large enough to accommodate our differences….and that to me is just my way to get along even when I prefer not to get along and go my own way.


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