The spinster who seeks love

June 30, 2015

Just a month ago. The world’s most famous Bo Lang ai who is incidentally also the headmistress of the school in my tiny farming village, confided to me, ‘time is running out and she needed to find a husband urgently.’ This distraught lady went on to stress that if it were not a matter of life and death, she would not have broken with village protocol and paid me a private visit to seek my advice on her grave predicament.

I simply told this nervous wreck,

‘what you seek is seeking you earnestly.’

I went on to add the only reason why she was unaware of this was because she has invested all of her mind, body and spirit in the act of only seeking.

Before the distraught lady departed, I drew her attention to the asystsia flowers that grew in great profusion thru out my plantation. I asked of her, do you see how the bees flit from one flower to another. She answered yes. Tell me, why do you the flower behave like a bee then? Be yourself. Do not do stupid things like dye your hair brown only to end up looking like one of my pariah dogs and do not try to look like a young girl either because you are what you are. I am not asking you to eat chocolate bomb three times a day so that you end up as a two metric ton internal beauty. Do continue to be mindful of what you consume and I strongly encourage you to exercise regularly as this would certainly add another dimension to your home entertainment options when your other half comes along to your love nest. Only you should make every effort to be perfectly comfortable in your own skin. That is all I saying.

There after a supernatural calmness came over her and almost immediately her furrowed features that once resembled a nervous animal acquired an unusual quietness and sereneness. I took off my sunglasses and told her there and then, you must always keep this state of mind, if you are to be the flower and not the bee.

Remember what I have shared with you,

what you seek most is seeking you furiously, earnestly and with the clearest intent….you must prepare yourself….like the flower you must be natural and be yourself and strive to be at one withy he forces of nature.

Today I received a wedding invitation from the headmistress, she expects me to play a recital of butterfly lover in the upcoming banquet.

How apt….a butterfly. Yes that is certainly an improvement from just a humble bee.

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