Strive to be an enterprise owner if you happen to be different from everyone else

July 3, 2015

If you are different from all others. Then you are different and should simply accept it. After all being different is hardly an affliction. Not at all. Neither is it anything approaching a character flaw. You are just different.

The problem is when people who are different try to fit into an organization where everyone is exactly the same. That is where the problem comes in, as people who are all the same will always try to shape you to be exactly like them. But since you are different just as some orchids can only be purple and not red or yellow and you can never successfully change yourself to be like everyone else – and even if you can do so, there will always be some residue of who you really are that will always mark you out as different.

The people who are all exactly the same will always see people who are different as a threat. They can’t help it, don’t take it personally. That is how they have been programmed. It is, what it is. Otherwise they would be different like you and not like everyone else. Hence they will always make life miserable for people who are different.

That is why if you are different. You have to absolutely be your own enterprise owner or work with your siblings who run their own enterprise. There is no other option.

This way those people who are all exactly the same have no choice but to play by your rules. If they don’t, since you are the boss you can turn the tables around and accuse them for being abnormal and pack them off to block 7 of IMH.

That is what I always advise parents who have kids who are different – don’t spend your precious time, energy and opportunity to fashion him or her into someone who is like everyone else. All you would end up accomplishing is setting him up for the epic fall and lotsa grief. Instead just accept that your child is different and work towards creating a world within the world that brings out the very best in his difference.

Many have acted on my words of wisdom and they are very happy today. Because this way they can sleep soundly.


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