My good weeds are finally growing

July 4, 2015


There is an evil weed that is smoldering everything in it’s path where I turn the wheel of life. To combat this alien invasion. I plan to use my army of good weeds to wipe out this other evil weed. The logic takes it’s cue from poison cures poison.

Most farmers in my region are mounting a chemical war against this alien invasion. They will fail.

Often to win decisively….one needs to know everything there is to know about the enemy. I have spent many hours studying this evil weed. There is nothing about it that I do not know about its weirding ways – it has a brain and is capable of strategic capabilities that makes it virtually impossible to wipe out – the more you try to kill it, the more voracious it becomes….only another weed with a superior brain can kill this evil weed.

All these foolish farmers will do is end up getting sucked into an expensive, time consuming war of attrition where they will find themselves embroiled in a vicious arms race where finally they have to resort to super powerful herbicides that will end up killing themselves and poisoning their lands for the next 1,000 years.

I am not going to way….I will go the other way…my way. Besides if I share this knowledge with them, all they would do is label me crazy. That’s the way it always pans out….so I am going to do it like a Mossad secret agent.

When I first got hold of the seeds for this good weed. I could tell this species is not easy to grow. It’s classed as experimental. The shell coat is hard like plastic, nothing that I have ever seen before. I know it required special treatment to prompt it grow, but since very little information exist in the internet concerning it’s cultivation. I have no idea how to do this. So I had to start from scratch.

In the first batch of 500 seeds. Not a single one germinated successfully. Thru out a two week period I worked feverishly often without regular meals or sleep. All in all 120 experimental batches were sowed. Most of them failed…not a single success….except one batch when my dogs mucked up the yard one day and by kicked river sand over one particular batch.

That makes sense as river sand is granular and not angular and facilitates assist root cannalling.

This one batch germinated and prompted me to use river sand as the medium.

Now my germination rate is close to 80% to 90%. I have finally cracked the Da Vinci code.

Now I must build an army of good weeds. I do not have much time. The rains will fall in two months time, when they do – I will plant them thru out my land and soon they will take over the landscape. The end result. I save on cost, labor and time since I no longer need to buy expensive and dangerous herbicides and most importantly since this good weed is able to draw nitrogen deep from the ground and bring it up to the surface to nourish the palms, my land will always be very rich and fertile.

I am very happy.

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